Workshop as Game 2018

Creative Chinese Characters learning through Interactive Game Playing   

Video Link A: ( Whole process of ‘Workshop as Game’ )

Video Link B: ( Documentation of  “Workshop as Game’)

Video Link C: ( Result of the workshop as game)

Video Link D: ( Introduction) (in Chinese)



Interactive Chinese Characters as a New Learning Method Through Game Playing

This pedagogy integrates digital media technology with the meaning and structure of Chinese characters to create an inclusive art education system.  It further transforms the aesthetic value of Chinese ‘brush writing’ and ‘painting’ in 2D and 4D practice ( time-based experience) as part of creative teaching methodologies. Though this new teaching methods, learners gained an elevated experience of the cultural ideas in arts: (i) observe-appreciation ( art learning) , (ii) play-appreciation (art making)  and (iii) literati gathering Chinese characters ( art sharing).   Combining Chinese culture, arts and digital technology, experienced learners and novice can contribute to a creative learning process in different means that enhance cross-generation and cross culture relationship.

Features and Highlights:

  • Integration of cultural learning, artwork creation and cross generation experiencing
  • Three-way intimacy for the learners: (1) with the artwork; (2) the audience viewing the artwork and interactive screen; (3) in the activity playing the interactive characters on the screens.
  • New interactive & learning platforms for familial and intergenerational communication
  • Application and promotion of the “Yellow Box” concept in Chinese art to engage active participation of audiences, expanding the role of the learner and audiences from passive ( traditional) to active role ( now)
  • Forming new connections between old and new experiences with respect to the traditional concepts of Chinese art and contemporary digital practice

Application and Future Development(s):

  • Development of custom-made and user-friendly ‘software and hardware’ system for carrying out interactive Chinese Characters
  • Interactive art education platform of “play-appreciation”
  • New form and experience of Chinese learning for foreigners
  • Workshop based learning integrating new media art, design, traditional culture and digital technology
  • Significant data base generated from all learners’ characters, as valuable resources for further cooperation with further educational and research direction.

Text: by HK @ 2018

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