behind the scene ( I )

The making of….

Title: The Reality of the Virtual: Reading
現實中的虛幻 — 閱讀
Video Installation 2004

Shanghai 5 biennale
Techniques of the Visible

Director, Script Writer, Producer : HUNG Keung

Assistant Producer: Lee Tzu Yur
Chief Editor : Lee Tzu Yur
Editing Assistant : Cheng Wai Chung
Art Director : 
HUNG Keung, Leung Wing Yee Sally
Fashion Designer: Leung Wing Yee Sally
Fashion Design Assistant: Kwok Hoi Yan
Production Assistant: Cheng Wai Chung, Man Yuen Wai,
Khan Kevin Au, Kwok Hoi Yan
Photographer : Lau Ka Yan, Lee Tzu Yur,
Cheng Wai Chung
3D Animation: Lee Hon Leung
Flash Animation : Khan Kevin Au
Visual Design: Khan Kevin Au
Interactive System: Bartholomew YC, Derek Sin
Tsui Chi Kin, Tsui Chi Man
Wan Wai Yin, Wan Wai Ming
Leung Nang Yan, Leung Chi Yan
Chan Shan Shan, Chan Ka Ka
Lam Wei Sum, Lam Wei Men

Special Thanks
Ah Hoi
David Chung
School of Design
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Wong Wo-bik
Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Chung Wei Kuen
Tsang Tai House

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