The Reality of the Virtual: Reading

Title: The Reality of the Virtual: Reading
現實中的虛幻 — 閱讀
Video Installation 2004

Shanghai 5 biennale
Techniques of the Visible

The Shanghai Art Museum has announced the Shanghai Biennale 2004, its subject and the curatorial team. Organized by the Shanghai Art Museum, the Shanghai Biennale will be open the 28th of September 2004 and it will run until the 28th of November. The Biennale will take place as in previous years, at the Shanghai Art Museum, and it will be this year extended to other venues.

This year’s Biennale will be curated by Xu Jiang, President, China Academy of Art (China), Zheng Shengtian, Independent Curator (Canada), Sebastián López, Director, Gate Foundation (Netherlands), and Zhang Qing, Director, Shanghai Biennale’s Office (China). Bringing film, photography, video, installation and performance together, the curators will focus on the diversity contemporary practice from Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and North America. The Biennale will draw crucial relations between contemporary art and historical precedents, revealing the interconnected and interdependent nature of art that engages technology. Reiterating the diversity of artists participating, the Biennale is committed to also showcasing a range of contemporary media including painting, sculpture and photography, interactive technologies, video and digital art, and performance. To critically engage the theme of the Biennale, a symposium will also be held, bringing together contemporary artists, curators and theorists.

Large exhibitions such as the Biennale provide not only an important moment for the display of contemporary art production, but are also forums where artists can meet, challenge their own work and expand their experience. In addition, the Biennale provides the opportunity for a truly international exchange of ideas. Bringing together artists, curators, writers, theorists and art supporters from around the world, the Biennale presents a critical space of dialogue within an increasingly global art market. The presence of the Biennale in Shanghai only foregrounds the increasingly important role of artistic production in the Asia-Pacific region.

Curatorial Team

Xu Jiang, Sebastián López, Zheng Shengtian and Zhang Qing

Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China


Title: The Reality of the Virtual: Reading
現實中的虛幻 — 閱讀
Video Installation 2004

The Stories of Human Activities of 
360 degree
The background of this Interactive Installation is base on the exploration of the theory of my pervious works “sightseeing”2002 and “Doing and Moving”2000, they all about sensing the function of human activities. Due to the success result and positive response to my human being and moving images series from the Curators of Shanghai Biennale, we have decided to produce an advance and innovative new media work with interactive platform!
My Questions in the story:
 The reality of the unreal – Reading

Question 1 
When did you first experience your ability to read? Was it some kind of patterns on a book that make you aware of it? Or was it some form of text that you could no long remember?
  • Question 2 
Was there a time you made use of all your senses to read?Did you see it with your eyes, hear it with your ears, taste it with your tongue, smell it with your nose, touch it with your hand, and feel it in your heart? Did you utilize your whole body to read and digest the information?
  • Question 3 
Is reading a means to seek for the unknown self in you? Is it a kind of short-term spiritual quest? Or is it a way to divert our attention?
  • Question 4 
We can go through a separate world through reading. Is it a kind of escape? Or are we trying to seek for shared beliefs in others?
  • Question 5 
Should enlightenment be the end result from reading? Or it be just a process of learning?
  • Question 6 
Reading is a non-linear process
  • Question 7 
Can reading trigger your lost memories and past times?
  • Question 8 
To read and to be enlightened are very personal experiences. Is reading just an excuse for us to be alone? If reading is part of our life and growing process, then do we all share the same reason for doing it?

Interactive Installation
This Installation will be divided into 2 parts:
First part: Panorama Puzzle
Is about 360 degree panorama digital video production with four CCD digital cameras! Four – Six pair of Twins as models have been invited to do a performance such as doing sports and drama in the real time recording format by 4 cameras with rotated electronic system.
Second part: Interactive Puzzle
, which will be act as a puzzle gamming behaviors which will be interacted with the human motion by using the programming of activate the wireless web cam.


現實中的虛幻 ── 閱讀 :

  • 問題一 你從什麼時候發現自己懂得閱讀?是由第一次從書本上的圖案開始?還是一些已記不起的文字開始?
  • 問題二 你記得首次用一切的感官去閱讀資料嗎?如用眼睛去看,用耳朵去聽,用舌頭去品嘗,用鼻子去嗅,用手去觸摸,還是用心去觀察?以我們的整個身體去辨讀,轉譯一切資料?
  • 問題三 閱讀是否用來尋找一個從來無認識過的自己?是短暫的精神寄託?分散我們的注意力?
  • 問題四 閱讀可使我們自成一個世界,是逃離現實?還是尋找共鳴?
  • 問題五 閱讀的結果是領悟?還是一個吸收過程?
  • 問題六 閱讀的過程非線性的
  • 問題七 時間和記憶可否透過閱讀而尋回?
  • 問題八 閱讀和領悟都是一個極其孤獨的行為,還是給我們一個獨處的藉口?假如成長和生活都是屬於閱讀的一部分,那麼我們在閱讀生活的過程中,會否有著同樣的理由?

HUNG Keung

Director, Script Writer, Producer : HUNG Keung
Assistant Producer: Lee Tzu Yur
Chief Editor : Lee Tzu Yur
Editing Assistant : Cheng Wai Chung
Art Director : 
HUNG Keung, Leung Wing Yee Sally
Fashion Designer: Leung Wing Yee Sally
Fashion Design Assistant: Kwok Hoi Yan
Production Assistant: Cheng Wai Chung, Man Yuen Wai,
Khan Kevin Au, Kwok Hoi Yan
Photographer : Lau Ka Yan, Lee Tzu Yur,
Cheng Wai Chung
3D Animation: Lee Hon Leung
Flash Animation : Khan Kevin Au
Visual Design: Khan Kevin Au
Interactive System: Bartholomew YC, Derek Sin
Tsui Chi Kin, Tsui Chi Man
Wan Wai Yin, Wan Wai Ming
Leung Nang Yan, Leung Chi Yan
Chan Shan Shan, Chan Ka Ka
Lam Wei Sum, Lam Wei Men

Special Thanks
Ah Hoi
David Chung
School of Design
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Wong Wo-bik
Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Chung Wei Kuen
Tsang Tai House


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