Sloping: Divided Mind

斜 – 思覺分裂
Artist: HUNG Keung
Formt: HD Video Installation
Leugth: 7 mins (loops)
Year: 2012

香港其實分為香港島, 九龍,新界和離島。我從小到大都是住在港島區,從未住過九龍區。我細細過好驚去九龍區,因覺得九龍區好大好廣,街道縱橫交錯,好易迷路。而港島區是依山而建,只要沿著山路而行,基本上什麼地方也可去到底,也不用擔心會迷失方向。細過時好喜歡一個人,坐電車由東區西灣河坐到西區堅尼地城。當你在電車上向左上方的景物遠望,你會看到香港的街道是如何依維港而發展。也可觀察到香港的新舊樓宇是怎樣依山勢起伏而建成。最令我印象深刻的,是上環某一條街,當電車經過這條街時,你是可以直接由山腳的大街上一直望上去山腰和山頂。這條暢通無阻的視覺經驗在港島區依山而建的石屎森林可謂一仲奇蹟。這條直線實際是一條大斜路,沿途有好多街坊走上走落,有好多小商店依此斜道而起。當電車每次經過這條大斜道時,我總會把頭探出多一點,每次都期望能把握這一舜即逝的機會,好好地欣賞這奇景.固此,我把這斜道的每一條街都從兩種不用視線和角度拍攝下來,每星期拍攝一條街,由山腳拍起,一直拍攝到山腰。然後把作品創作成一種另類的數碼斜道視覺經驗。

Title: Sloping – Divided Mind
Artist: HUNG Keung
Year: 2012

When I was young, I liked being alone a lot. I would ride the tram from Sai Wan Ho in the east to Kennedy Town in the West. When you are on the tram looking out to the upper left side, you would see how the streets of Hong Kong develop along the Victoria harbour. You can also observe how the new and old buildings of Hong Kong are built along the ups and downs of the mountains. The street which left the deepest impressions of me, was one street in Sheung Wan. Whenever the tram passes this street, you can see from the foot of the mountain directly up to the mid-slope and the peak. This uninterrupted visual experience is really a miracle in the concrete jungle of Hong Kong. This straight line is actually a big slope that a lot of residents walk up and down. There are a lot of small shops along it. Every time the tram went pass this huge slope, I would always stick my head out a little more, and hope to grasp this split-second opportunity to appreciate this amazing view. I have filmed every street along this slope from two different perspectives and angles. I filmed one street a week, starting from the foot of the mountain, and going up to the mid-slope, thus creating an unusual digital visual experience of the slope.

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