LOVE (Animation)

Talks about my point of view on — Love

1) My home city –HONG KONG
2) Human beingref:

a) Opium War:
British take-over of Hong Kong, Japanese occupation -3 years and 8 months, Japanese surrendering and leaving, British came back, water-rationing, to the affair of 1997, Those events seems none of our business — teenagers— seems so far away from our real world. As I grow up, I do want to know detail about those kind of events. Now, I love my city even than before.

b) Hong Kong history:
Love was a simple thing to me when I was a child. When I grow up, I realise that it is not the perfect thing that I expect: girl & man; man & man; man is woman; woman is boy; he is her, etc. These make me more confused yet excited. The story begins with a beer expressing his love to a man, telling my feelings towards women and Hong Kong.


Director’s note:

製作這動畫時是1996 -1997,剛好十個年頭,很多可以忘記但不想忘記的人與事,且看下一個十年會如何,也是對自己一個成長階段的試煉過程。

Two Version
Version one: Original Music
Version two: Music composed by John Fu, UK

lovean_001 lovean_002 lovean_003 lovean_004 lovean_005 lovean_006

Director:HUNG Keung
Editor: HUNG Keung
Length: 9 mins
Format: DV, Beta Pal
Country: London, UK
Year: 1997

lovean_014 lovean_017

loveanimation_105 loveanimation_104








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