Eating Noodle (食麵)

video still in sequence

Title: Eating Noodle (食麵): video still in sequence

Sensing the function of the human body –
Noodle eating (input) & Hair growing (output)

Title: Eating Noodle (食麵)
Original format: 8 mm (color) and Beta DV
Final output format : HD Digital Video 1920 x 1080
Edition: 5
Length: 2 mins (looping)
Sound: Stereo
Year: 2007 – 2012

This video deals with physiological cycles of the human body. I use the tension between eating noodles and growing hair to play with these cycles.

As 2 models eat their noodles, their hair seems to be growing or shriveling away. The play between the processes of lengthening and shortening is repetitive. The scenes seem to loop endlessly but each time the order and duration of (the hair’s) lengthening and shortening is different.

Director: HUNG Keung
Assistant Director: Denmy Lam
Camera: Ah Fung, Keefa
Location: Shanghai MOCA
Model: Travis Kong + Mr. X
Special Thanks: Lawance Ma, TVBS, Kei
Format: Two Super 8 cameras, Two Bata, One SVHS




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