According to an old grandmother’s tale, the soul of a person wanders out of her body when she is asleep. Here, I try to imagine the soul of an old lady playing around, despite her being serious during her waking life.

video still in sequence

video still in sequence

Original format: SVHS and DV 720 x 576
Final output format: HD Digital Video 1920 x 1080
Edition: 5
Length: 9 mins
Sound: Stereo
Year: 1998 -2013

內容介紹 :




video still in sequence

video still in sequence


Wandering around —- is it a dream, or a play? Has the soul escaped from the body, or is it in an indulgent self-liberation routine? HUNG Keung’s mum leading a decent and proper life in the daytime ventures out at night, feeling free and great. Sound recordings of interviews made with seven other have-been wanderers account their sensations in such experiences. Wanderer director HUNG Keung took the opportunity of working in England for a TV station to rearrange his earlier works. With his primary interest being in concept projection, the whole production itself journeys through time (1996-1998), place (London, suburban in England, Sai Wan Ho in Hong Kong) and among strangers.

Director’s Note :

I really want to provide a free space for my mum, allowing her to be able to escape from her heavy workload in the reality. I was not able to offer her a fee space in the reality , but I could create a virtual space through another ways of experience. I feel more excited that I can rearrange my orginal concept into a combination of old footage and new practical technique The process of making this work actually feels like a thief at night, the feeling is exactly like the scene of my work – transmigration.

Mother01 Mother02 Mother03 Mother04 Mother05 Mother06


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