Taipei Taiwan 2010

展期 :2010/10/16 – 2011/01/02

本展邀請策展人張元茜女士策劃,希望以新媒體的技術、當代思潮的多元樣貌及緣起 於劉國松先生的水墨革命精神,製作一系列與觀眾在時間、空間及心理三方面交流的作品;本展策劃以兩岸四地19組藝術家之作品來詮釋,並運用光、聲音、新科 技材料、影像、裝置等當今正趨成熟的技術來表現,也包含前衛的虛擬操作、集體智慧來探討東方長久以來的美學核心議題-人與自然的關係。

感謝器材提供 財團法人國家文化藝術基金會科技藝術獎助專案

Date :2010/10/16 – 2011/01/02
Venue:Gallery 3A&3B

With the revolutionary spirit of Liu Kuo-Sung’s ink painting, features of new media art and contemporary thought, guest curator Rita Chang makes a series of temporal, spatial and psychological connections with the audience of this exhibition. Utilizing mature art forms such as light, sound, new technology, video and installation, as well as avant-garde modalities such as virtual reality and co-intelligence, exhibiting artists worked together in nineteen different collaborative teams to explore the eternal core of eastern aesthetics: the relationship between humanity and nature.

Organized by Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Sponsored by Deutsche Bank
Projectors exclusively sponsored by EPSON
LED Technical Supported by Genesis Photonics Inc.
Special thanks to The NCAF Techno Art Creation Project

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