Human Being & Moving Images CDROM


Title: CD-ROM “Human Being and Moving Images” & website Project

The “Human Being & Moving Images” interactive project is part of Hong Kong artist Hung Keung’s research in the theory of exploring the possibilities between human beings and moving images. The result is 2 CDROMs and a website. This is the CDROM project focusing on the themes of Human Voice, Human Movement, and Seeing, etc.

Production: HUNG Keung + Bryan Chung ( 1998 -2001)

Original format: CD-ROM x 2
Screening format: CD-ROM Interactive Installation
Length: 60 mins – 90 mins
Year: 1998 – 2001
Country: Hong Kong & London
Support: School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Sponsor: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Picture 1.0

The five categories, from the left: Human Voice, Human Spirit, Human Energy, Human Movement, Human Body. 1998-2001


I have been conducting a series of studies focusing on a technology to create a new/alternative 4D environments/spaces and on a method to overcome the present limitation of the joyfulness/entertainment of the interactive environment/space. In the experience of interacting with cyber and a virtual 3D space/environment, the reaction and the movement of the audience/user are always limited by the pre-set computer programming system. And the audience/user always has a first-person view of the conventional interactive space. In this research project, I describe a research project that aims to invite/encourage the audience to be more active and committed – to somehow even become part of the environment itself. Through the programming system that we have developed, the audience will be able to actively navigate themselves into virtual space in 3D and 4D forms by their bodies. In research, I try to explain an investigation and exploration of different generations/versions of the relationship and the possibilities between human movement and interactive environment/space. Background: Something about my previous works Since 1998, I have been interested in the area of entertainment/narration in interactive space, a subject that is related to my on-going research activities in School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

My new media research project CDROM and interactive projects “human beings and moving images” (1998-2001), which mainly focused on discovering the limitations of human beings such as in seeing, walking, talking, listening, kissing, releasing energy, laughing, eating, growing, and so forth. I have also been trying to provide another new/alternative meanings and experiences to the audience through interactivities and moving images.

“The domain of the moving image as it is is currently under re-definition within new media technologies” – Interactive narrative as a multi-temporal agency
(Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, ICinmea, centre for interactive cinema research).

In this CDROM project, I study the possibilities of the new meanings/definitions between the relationship of human beings and digital movements in an interactive activities/environment.

“Perception of the body is the beginning of perceiving a self and the world. It is also the prerequisite for the expression of the human being. Between perception and expression, the individual body and the external world (including other people and objects) form a variety of interactive relationships that are complicated yet subtle. Meanings and beliefs are thus created.” (Dr. Ho, Siu-kee, The Perceptual Body, Object Factory, 2003).

My interactive CDROM series “Talking, Walking, Seeing” is part of my research in the theory of exploring how is the possibilities between human being and moving images. Is there any new experience for use to understand any layers behind the original “meaning“. What is our original meaning of “Talking”, “Walking” and “Seeing” ? Will there be any new experience to interpret it in a way of using the multimedia and interactive concept? Based on those human activities, five categories have been created: human body, human energy, human voice, human spirit and human movement.

“How do people relate to the moving image? This question is a constant theme in Hung Keung’s installations and performances. An attempt to form a link between the diverse experiments and explorations in a kind of self-compiled monograph produced this CD-ROM that is actually much more than a ‘collected work’. What makes the CD-ROM so interesting, is the fact that Hung himself offers a number of points of entry to this theme and illustrates it with the best examples from his work. The starting point is always an aspect of the human being; the body, the mind, movement, energy and the senses. The main menu has icons in the form of human organs offering access to these themes. Each point of entry opens a path through the information and along the projects.”
(Text by Geert-Jan Strengholt, The 18th World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands 2000).

Picture 3.1

The movie clips of “sightseeing I” & “sightseeing II” in the category of CDROM, 2000

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