(Close up) of Dao at the 2009 Former Central School Envisioning Days in Hong Kong.

I propose to study whether digital-media technology could help continue these temporal experiences by extending them to viewers through my series of digital works.  With this goal in mind, I used computer software [1] to build a 3D model of the Chinese characters 山 (shan) ‘mountain’, 西 (xi) ‘west’, and 月 (yue) ‘moon’ [2].

   Motion sequence of the Chinese character 山 (shan) ‘mountain’.

I chose these characters because all of them involve simple constructions and simple brush strokes, resulting in basic, unfettered spatio-temporal experiences. Underlying this series of animated three-dimensional Chinese characters are four goals:

(1) To examine how the animated characters work in a virtual space;
(2) To transfer spatio-temporal experiences of Chinese characters from two-dimensional to four-dimensional platforms through motion;
(3) To invite viewers to experience space and time virtually through flying Chinese characters;
(4) Using a digital white screen, I simulated traditional Chinese rice paper to represent the concept of void .

Later on, I placed two 10-inch LCD monitors inside an enclosed dark exhibition space (about 200 square feet). These two monitors, securely mounted to a wall, appeared to be floating in the air. I examined different techniques, including modelling, animation, texturing, lighting, and rendering. I first built up a three-dimensional model on the basis of all the brush strokes in Chinese characters.

Three-dimensional Chinese-character animation 西 (xi) ‘west’ as a reflection of void

Chinese character 月 (yue) ‘moon’ is built via 3D Studio Max software by the artist, HUNG Keung.

[1] 3D Studio Max.

[2] These three animated Chinese characters are the element of my digital work Dao (the dual- screen version) (2009).

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