Catharsis : Real But Not True 2015

項目題目: 淨化 : 真實但非真相

Art Project Title:  Catharsis : Real But Not True

‘Catharsis’ has been recognized as a healing, cleansing, and

transforming experience throughout history, and has been used in

cultural healing practices, literature, drama, religion, medicine, and

psychology. This exhibition is about the artist’s curiosity to see

whether a sense of‘Catharsis’could be found or implemented through

artistic approach?

  • 本次展覽是關於藝術家的好奇,想 ‘淨化’ 的感覺是否可以通過藝術的方式來實現?

The term‘catharsis’is derived from the Greek word, which is

translated as ‘cleansing’ or ‘purification’. Most of the definitions

emphasize two essential components of ‘catharsis’:

  • ‘淨化’ 是來自希臘字被翻譯成“清潔”或“淨化”而得。大多數強調兩個基本組成部分:

(1) The emotional aspect [感情方面]

  • strong emotional expression and processing ;

(2) the cognitive aspect of catharsis [認知方面]

  • insight, new realization, and the unconscious becoming consciousness, and as a result -positive change.

Text by HUNG Keung 2015

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