SMF 2004

Witnessing: 10 Years of Humanitarian Crises
無國界醫生 < 見證十周年 >

This is a commission work “MSF Humanitarian Work for MSF – HK10th Anniversary Screening and Exhibition” which invited by (MSF) Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders, Hong Kong for their 10th anniversary: Witnessing: “10 Years of Humanitarian Crises”  無國界醫生 < 見證十周年 >.

Digital Video Work
MSF humanitarian work for our MSF – HK10 th anniversary exhibition -“Witnessing: 10 Years of Humanitarian Crises”

Screening and Exhibition
(MSF) Medecins Sans Frontieres, 無國界醫生 <見證十周年>
4-8 June 2004, Pacific Place
21-24 June 2004, Tuen Mun Town Plaza
5-7 September 2004, Olympian City 2
Hong Kong

Director: HUNG Keung
Sam Keung
Camera 1: 
Fish Lee
Camera 2: 
Sam Keung
Camera 3: 
HUNG Keung
Kable, Josie
Production: inDesign
Length: 21 mins
Format: DVD NTSC
Year: 2004

Special Thanks: Christian Lai & MSF



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