Hotel ICON ( III ) 2011



洪強 + 燕老米的雅實驗室 作品
年份: 2011

香港藝術家洪強對新媒體 (錄像, 互動藝術)中的時空 (時間空間) 觀念如何承傳到傳統中國卷軸畫及中文字的時空概念處很感興趣。而中國藝術上的卷軸形式、佈白運用、立體的概念如何在書寫中文字的過程中被抽象化等等都是藝術家在創作上的原動力。

洪強嘗試把《道德經 :第四十二章 》內以「一」的概念去演譯人類生命與天地萬物的循環關係。從文字的演進去觀察人類文化的發展歷程;亦從文字的發展去看人類文明的演變;從這演變,亦看出人類與天地萬物,宇宙軌跡的相互關係。

Title:Dao Gives Birth to One (Text version)

Work by HUNG Keung +imhk lab
Year: 2011

Through experimental installations, the digital media artist Hung Keung examines the possibilities of a relationship between human beings and Dao. At the root of Keung’s work is a preoccupation with the longevity of Chinese culture. He questions: how can human beings in modern day society interact with the concept of this ancient philosophy ‘Dao’ ?
Keung first became interested in Chapter 42 of Dao De Jing, a core text of Daoism, which explains:

“The Dao 道 (the “way”) gives birth to one. One gives birth to Two,
Two gives birth to Three. Three gives birth to thousand things.
All things have their backs to the female and stand facing the male.
When male (yang) and female (yin) combine, all things achieve harmony.”

This passage led him to explore how these ‘thousand things’ are created and generalised in the universe. HUNG Keung began with the notion that the number ‘one’ symbolizes the beginning of the universe. In this work, Keung used computer animation to create a three-dimensional character of “one,” the stroke “一” which he then projected onto a white background.


text by HUNG Keung 04 2014

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