EDU Activities

3 Oct 2018: Judge for Video Competition

6 July 2018: Quantitative Psychology Seminar Series
organised by Assessment Research Centre, EdU.

June – July 2018: Judge: 葛量洪視覺藝術獎學金
organised by 香港美術教育協會 Hong Kong Society for Education in Art

12 June 2018: Individual consultation sessions with Prof. Lim Cheolil, professor of Department of Education at Seoul National University, is invited as an external consultant for the inter-institutional UGC project: Blended & Online Learning and Teaching project.
Organised by Blended Learning for University Enhancement Team
The Education University of Hong Kong

1 June 2018: CCA Retrest

05 July 2018: Practical Test Question of Admission Exercise (July Round) June 2018

05 July 2018: CCA Summer camp workshop. EdU.

2018/19: Staff in-charge (for VA) in the CEO Academy
CCA Community Engagement & Outreach (CEO) Academy 2018/19, EdU

2018/19: Equal Opportunities Coordinator, EdU

2018: Comment on / Revision to a proposed EL Course :new Experiential Learning Course for GE, namely “Interactive Design / 互動設計”

18 July 2018: Participation : Training Workshop on Digital and Social Media Marketing on 18 July 2018 by HRO

27 July 2018: Participation : Workshop for Equal Opportunities Coordinators (EOCOs)

27 July 2018: Participation : Managing Your Time Effectively

2018/19: Appointed by President: Committee Member of 教育承傳委員會委員, EdU